Slot Machine- The Most Popular Casino Game!

April 11, 2018
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Slot Machine- The Most Popular Casino Game!

Let me introduce you all to the main character of the show called casino; the slot machine. A machine which will make you win bucks instead of inserting a unit of it. I am not saying you will win when you play, I am saying you will have a chance. A superb illusion for the gamblers, believing in your luck you can go ahead and pull the bar. You will be amazed when you know why it is also called a ‘bandit’. It’s a machine where an input of coin or tickets will show you the spinning wheel or rolling cards as long as you want to play.

Back in the Past:

In 91’ this machine was first ever introduced based on the very popular game called poker. There were fifty (50) cards inside it displaying the combinational output of your strategy. One and only lever to pull and start the bet. The winnings were not money at that time at all, beer or any other drink or cigar; things like these were the main items. Then around in 95’ a simpler machine with simpler mechanism was launched which used more familiar symbols than cards’.

Within the time 76’ to 96’ the different application and mechanism holding slot machines were manufactured. The manufacturers always wanted to implement more possible combinations with more fail-safe technology. The currency checking method also introduced lately. Interestingly, we found these slot machines are simply the complicated replicas of Fruit-emitting machines.

Different Technology and Slots:

All the basic logos of fruits, numerical numbers and alphabetical letters and on the other hand, logos of hearts or diamonds as well are found on the displays of slots. An easy way to keep your stick in the game, no way to get panicked and distracted from there. Varieties of machines are introduced periodically to us, we will talk about that below.

  • Reel Display:

In the past years and the initial times, there was hardly any digitized way to visualize an output. Basically, the slots were depended upon the reel system of pre-indicated sets of cards. Think about a Reel System having different logos 10 in total, the 3 set of reels working simultaneously could give an output of 103 or 1000 combinations. It’s a little too less for a widely playing poker machine. Whereas, the machines of today can virtually give you over 16 million lucks generated on the machine.

  • Computerized Machines:

Now we came to the micro-processing era of machines. The introduction occurred in the late 80’s, since then up till now we are depended on the algorithms stored in processors.

  • Video or Visual Displaying Slots:

The long-lasting innovation ever for this kind of machines was to introduce digital display. A display can show the simulation of an orthodox Reel System or a Wheel consisting of many logos printed on it. Most of all, the chances to provide the odd against unit entry can be as large as 300 million.

To stop a player from being repetitive on the machine a limit is set to it, somewhere it is around 5 times a player or somewhere it is around 8-10 times. As these slot machines are the most productive and earning icons of casinos as much as around 70% gross, the security and player rotation is highly scrutinized.

  • Random Output Machines:

When a player clicks on the play button or pulls the lever, in these machines random number is generated. As much as you can predict the mighty results you will earn a good amount from here. The system used here is almost similar to those used in the generation of random pseudo numbers


At the beginning we were looking on the general ideas of slot machines, now we have come to know about its history and present-day implementation. A Casino is a place where the owners basically want you to stay as long as possible. So, they present you different illusions, different games you can be able to play very easy. When you get the taste of winning money from here, there is a chance you are going to repeat the task again. The slots are one of the best attractions among all other games available in a casino.

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