The Mecca of Casino Americano- Las Vegas Casinos!

April 11, 2018
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The Mecca of Casino Americano- Las Vegas Casinos!

casinos of Las Vegas:

In 1930s gambling became a legal object in this world. Not all the countries adopted this. But the service of this casinos kept its nature very attractive to the gamblers. Most of the time thousands of people fly to the cities to gamble, this taste has been kept as it is in some countries till now. If we talk about America we will surely take the conversation about Las Vegas. The gambling mecca is so popular that we often get to know big stories occurred in this place. Very famous game poker is the orthodox style of gambling in casinos. However, the ingredients of a casino are set up in a way that a newcomer would want to spend himself there for as long as he wants.

Renowned casinos of Las Vegas:

As the talk is going on the topic how popular the city is, we should know the most happening casinos placed here. The top casinos and some of their attraction are described below.

  • The Stratosphere:

This is an amazing building or a tower from which an all-around view of the city is available. It’s a hotel tower which has an upright length about 350 meters, wow! What an awesome view could it be from here? And the analysis says it is one of the tallest towers in the western world. Boulevard of Las Vegas is the place where it is situated, it’s on the north side of Vegas Strip.

There is a big ape on the top of the tower. It has also a hotel which is separated from the casino. Bob Stupak was the man behind this planning. Originally this building was planned to reach it up to 500 meters, but FAA did not approve the deal (Federal Aviation Administration). This huge club has got around 50 tables for games, slot machines and around 1000 visual slot machines and pokers.

  • Binion’s Horseshoe:

TLC Casino Company owns this club. This is also one of the attractions of Las Vegas. This casino is located on Fremont Street. The owner has kept its name up to himself, his name is Benny Binion.

This gambling place is a vintage and classic one which makes it a must-visit place in Las Vegas. Firstly, it was a low celling club which is covered with velvet from inside walls like an old river-boat. After the owner had to sell all of his share the casino was restructured. The biggest attraction was added then, the whole floor was transformed into a big display.

  • New York & New York, Yeah you got it:

This casino has an odd name, twice use of New York simply describes its nature. The place is influenced by the famous city New York and that brings the best taste of this casino.

Around 8000 square meters of a place to gamble, can you imagine? A lake in front of the club and an amazing clone of the Statue of Liberty will make you lost in there, you will feel the craze of New York city going there. This whole scenario was constructed by spending around 500 million USD.


Las Vegas is a dream city for millions of people around the globe. Biggest gambling attractions are lying in this city. Boulevard and Vega Strip- places like these still hold the old day gambling classics. Astonishing buildings and views, an awesome craze in the crowd will definitely make you let you in the clubs and gamble for once.

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